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“You will feel as though a dear friend has looked into your mind, heart, and soul and given you the keys to the kingdom! Whether you have been studying ‘woo-woo’ (as Lisa calls it) valiantly for years, can meditate your socks off and outline the Law of Attraction in detail to anyone who will listen, or you are a newbie to self-enlightenment and personal energy, this work will become your Holy Grail! Yes, yes, we all know that sending out negative energy brings back — you guessed it — negative energy! So what do we do with negative thoughts and feelings then? Lisa helps you to realize that these emotions are part of us, an important part, and she gives you the means to deal with them effectively. You will deconstruct and then reconstruct your life. You will be filled with the self-knowledge and self-love needed to create the wonderfully authentic life you deserve. Lisa will take your hand and guide you as you travel to those dark recesses of your mind and shine the light of forgiveness and acceptance where you need it most. It’s not an easy journey, but the rewards are miraculous! Let’s face it, the reality is that if our lives are not what we want them to be, ultimately, it’s because we don’t really feel like we deserve it. We don’t love ourselves enough, imperfect as we are, to receive the wonderful miracles that are waiting for us. Lisa helps us to sweep up the dirt, clear the cobwebs and get the renovation started! Lisa states, ‘Once you’ve brought the truest you out into the light, you’ll learn to fall so madly in love with that glorious creature that you will never feel the need to hide it again. You’ll feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin. And from that vantage point in the words of Franz Kafka, ‘the world will freely offer itself to you. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet’.”

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