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Membership in Joy School’s online community is the most powerful way to integrate and master time-tested tools for vibration elevation that dramatically improve every aspect of your life. If you’re reading Free Your Joy, it’s the ideal accompaniment — guaranteed to supercharge the practices you’re exploring! (And if you’re not a reader, that’s okay too!)

This loving community meets four times per month to ensure there’s a time that works for everyone’s schedule. Join us once per month, twice, or ideally for all four meetings — all for just $55 per month! We can’t wait to welcome you.


Lisa McCourt (me!) leads all Joy School membership meetings, along with various expert guest teachers each month. I have taught spiritual and metaphysical tools for elevating personal vibration for over two decades. I’m the Founder of Joy School and author of Free Your Joy and other joy-creating books that have sold over 9 million copies. You can read my full bio at the About tab at this website.

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