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October 13, 14, 15th – Free Your Joy and Awaken Your Magic Retreat

You are invited to join us for this weekend experience of soul-nurturing self-care and joy-elevation at beautiful Cactus Blossom Retreat Center in Southern California!

I’ll be taking you through transformative exercises and healing practices for upleveling your Joy Setpoint, backed by scientific explanations and integration processes led by amazing Chris Niebauer, the Deepak-Chopra-endorsed author of No Self No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching up to Buddhism. You will be amazed by his wisdom and its applications for your joy!

Victoria Shaw will be teaching you how to awaken your own intuitive gifts, and she is also exceptionally generous with personal readings; you’ll be blown away by the individual guidance she offers and her ability to zero in on YOU and the messages your precious soul most wants you to hear.





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