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YOUR JOY, YOUR WAY — 3-Month Online Intensive

Are you ready to step into the most easeful, peaceful, joyful chapter of your life?

This 3-month online experience is professionally curated to orchestrate YOUR most effective path to your personal joy. I’ll help you zero in on the specific, unique-to-you obstacles that are standing between you and the bliss you’re here to experience, and I’ll customize for you a routine of simple, pleasurable practices that you can begin implementing right away.

We’ll meet in my cozy Zoom room one-on-one for deep personal work throughout the three months, and you’ll also have opportunities to share and grow in online group sessions with a loving community of like-hearted joy seekers. You’ll learn time-tested spiritual principles now backed by contemporary scientific findings, and meet with superstar guest teachers in intimate online sessions where we’ll help you apply the principles to your unique challenges and opportunities.

All the details for this life-changing intensive are here.

The widespread anxiety, emotional lethargy, and struggle we’ve collectively begun to regard as “normal” does not have to be. Each of us has everything we need within us to live a life of joy and meaning. It’s simply about identifying our habitual patterns of thought and reactivity, and working to install new habits.

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