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Thank you for purchasing Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness

Help yourself to this abundance of joyful riches from me and my amazing friends!

Free Admission to Joy School Event

Joy School is the online love-incubator where I teach the 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness that I present in Free Your Joy. The book gives you step-by-step guidance, but nothing skyrockets its effectiveness better than the ongoing support of a loving community. To celebrate your preorder of the book, we’re thrilled to welcome you into this warm, nurturing space for practicing the 12 Keys with like-hearted others as my guest at any of our upcoming First Monday Joy Connection events or Joy School Spotlight events this year. See this page for event information and use code GOTJOY when you register. 

Private Intuitive Counseling Reading with Victoria Shaw

Victoria Shaw, PhD, LPC combines her ivy league training in psychology and counseling with generous intuitive guidance to support clients in aligning with their best and brightest selves. Her keen insights move her clients past the superficial understandings of their pain and struggles, zeroing in on the root causes and true, core issues, and helping them awaken their own ability to discern the direction and course of their healing. To claim a 20-minute gift reading with Victoria (limited availability), send an email with the subject line “FREE YOUR JOY offer” to vfshawphd@gmail.com.

Subliminal Audio Gift from New York Times Bestselling Author Eldon Taylor

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you wake up feeling tired and restless? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people suffer from sleep problems. But there is hope. InnerTalk is a patented audio program that can help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. InnerTalk uses a unique technology incorporating subliminal messages to help you relax your mind and body and fall asleep quickly and easily. The subliminal messages are delivered through a special form of dichotic masking that your conscious mind fails to detect. These messages help to reprogram your subconscious mind to sleep better. InnerTalk has been proven to be safe and effective. ($25.95 value)

For your copy of Sleep Soundly, please e-mail innertalk@innertalk.com, subject line: Lisa McCourt 23, and include your name, address and phone number so that your free order can be processed.

Private Energy Healing Session with Ian Haycroft of TheClearMindWay.com

In this incredibly healing online session, Ian will use the kinesiology muscle-testing approach to explore what is getting in your way energetically. These sessions are confidential, collaborative, and simple. Ian explains how muscle testing works, and together with you, creates a plan. Ian has been conducting these remarkable sessions for over 15 years and was instrumental in helping Lisa through a painful personal experience. (Limited availability for this $150-value gift!)

Intuitive Spiritual Counsel with Sonya

Sonya has brought meaningful spiritual messages to Lisa and many others in the Joy School community, and is offering a 20-minute session (valued at $75) that you can arrange by texting this number: (561) 685-2646. (limited availability)

Full Album Download and more from Mary Bue

Singer/songwriter, retreat leader, and Nada yogi Mary Bue says: "I am grateful to offer one digital download of my 2020 album The World Is Your Lover, whose title song appears as the theme song for Lisa's Do Joy! podcast. I am also offering $50 off any retreat registration (Minnesota, Orcas Island, WA, Wisconsin, Bali, or Malta) until June 2024."

Light Language Meditation from Transformation & Integration Coach Lynda Samphire

Light Language is a multidimensional form of non-linear communication experienced at a high frequency that works on the level of your purest intent. It is a powerful form of sound medicine that creates a mind/heart connection.

Light Language is a direct form of communication with the higher self, and its benefits are intuitively distributed throughout the body wherever needed. This type of sound medicine is a frequency meant to be felt rather than understood. Light Language bypasses the part of the mind that is activated by mental or emotional triggers, resulting in a positive effect on health, DNA, emotions, nervous system regulation, and expansion of the neural pathways in the brain. Light Language is the frequency of love, and can be used daily as a tool for brining balance and harmony to the mind/body/spirit connection. 

Shine Your Light, an Online Shamanic Healing Journey with Tamoah Burton

In this multifaceted online experience offered exclusively as a gift to readers of Free Your Joy, acclaimed Medicine Woman Tamoah Burton will lead you through an Akashic Record reading, a guided shamanic healing journey, personalization exercises, and more! You won't want to miss this live, sacred, online event! 

Full Album Download from Acclaimed Spiritual Singer/Songwriter Karen Drucker

Singer/songwriter, author, and spiritual teacher Karen Drucker is internationally celebrated for her inspiring songs of deep spiritual messaging. Power Up! is a compilation of her most up-tempo, joyful, high-energy songs. Let these positive messages empower you and remind you of your own power! Perfect for working out, cleaning the house, or as a ritual for your starting off your day in a positive way. 

Swedenborg Foundation eBook

This eBook encapsulates Emanuel Swedenborg's most profound spiritual insights. The wisdom woven into its pages carries the potential to initiate personal transformation and to offer a deeper understanding of our current existence as well as the life beyond. May your journey through its content be enlightening and enjoyable! ($24.95 value)

Session with Jenn Taylor of Sacred Connections Coaching

Jenn says: "I’d love to offer you a complimentary 45 minute Momentum Coaching Call where you’ll leave with a clear plan for your next steps. I’m a Professional Coach for heart centered leaders, and I partner with clients to calm the chaos so they can navigate life and business with ease. My approach is gentle and welcoming and I’ll help you uncover old beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck. I’m trained in multiple techniques that address the body-mind connection. You’ll leave our call feeling hopeful and inspired."  ($297 value; limited quantity!)

Chapter from Robert Mack’s Happiness from the Inside Out

Ivy-league trained Positive Psychology Expert and Celebrity Coach Robert Mack has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, and OWN. He is Lisa's favorite longtime teaching partner, and is offering a powerful chapter from his most popular book. To claim this beautiful gift, send an email with the subject line “FREE YOUR JOY offer” to happinessfromtheinsideout@gmail.com

Spiritually Enhanced Self-Love Masterclass

This incredible video series from Spiritual Entrepreneurs Alliance (a $397 value!) will allow you to gain more inner peace and joy so you can live your best life. This video series comes complete with a detailed playbook, affirmations poster, and meditation recordings, with each video building on the last to bring you to a place where you will remember how loved and valued you are and learn a deeper appreciation for yourself and your life. You will love the experiences provided for you to engage in, and more importantly, the shift you will feel once you complete each activity.

Chapter from Bestselling Author Arielle Ford’s most recent release!

The Love Thief, novel and soon-to-be streaming series, is described by its Hollywood producer as Eat, Pray, Love meets Dirty John. Longtime friend of Joy School Arielle Ford is a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement and author of 11 other books including the international bestsellers The Soulmate Secret and Wabi Sabi Love. She generously shares a chapter of The Love Thief with readers of Free Your Joy.

Atomic Happiness Toolkit

A collection of happiness tools ($97 value!) from Andi and Lee Vallely of Shift Happens Global, including: 21-Day Journal with Morning and Evening Daily Happiness Habits, SOMA Breathwork Guided Meditation Instructional Videos guiding you through exactly how to get the most out of the meditation, and the Journal Award Winning eBook: Daily Happiness: A Dozen Sweet Tales of Joy, Courage and Inspiration, plus the mini-seminar, Atomic Happiness. 

Essay Collection from Award-Winning Author Thomas Lloyd Qualls

A Special Preview Edition of the essay collection Happiness Is an Imaginary Line in the Sand. You’ll get 11 hand-selected essays, including some of Lisa's personal favorites. Happiness Is an Imaginary Line in the Sand earned a Gold Nautilus Award.

To claim this gift, send an email with the subject line “FREE YOUR JOY offer” to tq@tlqonline.com

Exploring the Afterlife: Insights on Life After Death, by Sunny Dawn Johnston

Discover the answers to life's greatest mysteries with this downloadable PDF offering a unique and insightful perspective on what happens after we die. Written by Sunny Dawn Johnston, the best-selling author of The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side, this PDF download is an introductory guide to understanding the afterlife and connecting with loved ones who have passed on . . . Drawing on decades of experience communicating with the Spirit world, Sunny provides answers to the most pressing questions about the afterlife, including: What happens during and after we die? How can we communicate with loved ones in Spirit? What is the role of reincarnation in the afterlife? Whether you are seeking comfort and healing after a loss, or simply curious about the nature of the afterlife, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the mysteries of life, death, and beyond.

5-Piece Divine Reset™ Gift Set

A gift basket of valuable tools ($147 value!) from Lisa Hromada, Empowered Lifeview™ Guide & Life Transformation Mentor! Are you ready to unlock the power of spiritual surrender? In your Divine Reset™ gift set, you’ll gain valuable insights and powerful practices to transcend any challenge with greater ease, grace, and flow (and results!) You'll discover how to live with the greatest level of peace, trust, and divine alignment no matter your circumstances. Download your gift set today! 

Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism eBook

Amazing resource from Sarah Haas, Women's Weight Release & Body Love! It's no secret that our metabolism slows as we age. Hormones, muscle loss, and stress slow our fat burning engines. This Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism eBook is chock full of proven strategies to help midlife women fire up their metabolisms, release weight, and reclaim their health. Give yourself the gift of feeling great in your body.

Attract Your Soulmate! Private Session and eBook from Infinite Life Possibilities

Learn the simple, yet profoundly powerful practices that will help you raise your vibrational frequency and become a magnet to your soulmate. You’ll discover the importance of falling in love with yourself and your life so you can align your frequency with that of your highest-level soulmate. From that place of alignment, it is possible to attract true love. You’ve tried all the outer practices to call in your love—now it’s time to focus on your inner practices. Your soulmate is waiting for you. Download your eBook and book your private session today!

Nurturing Your Child’s Energy Field: A 6-week eCourse for Parents & Families

Empower your children to understand, nurture, and work with their energy bodies. In this powerful 6-week email course (a $210 value!), you’ll receive six supportive ebooks, delivered weekly. Each guide offers simple energetic tools for children and teens, plus instructions for parents and coloring sheets for children. Your six guides include: Breath, Light, Centering, Earth, Crystals & Stones, and Journaling.

Journey of Awakening Audio and Journal Prompts

Generous gift set ($97 value!) based on the #1 bestselling book Spiritual Sugar: The Divine Ingredients to Heal Yourself with Love by Lisa Manyon (foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale and afterword by Neale Donald Walsch). Inspired by Lisa's journey to heal cancer with love, and designed to inspire you to commit to yourself to help avoid a serious wake-up call and be healthy now.

Align With Love Self-Healing Gift Set

Nanci Reed, Sacred Embodiment Coach and author, invites you to welcome more gentleness and less judgment into your daily life. In the Align with Love Self-Healing Gift Set you’ll receive: The 15-minute “Intentionally Inviting Gentleness” guided meditation and 7 Self-Healing Journal Prompts (PDF). This set will gently stir your wonder and curiosity and align your mind, body, and spirit with love—not limitations.

Self-Assessment Worksheet from Tyler Jones of Rainbow Horizons Coaching

This short worksheet “Navigating body images issues, redefining how YOU feel in your body, and how to focus on the good” is for anyone who is struggling with body image issues and low self esteem, especially as pertains to gender. This worksheet helps to redefine how you view yourself and the world around you. It gives you the tools and the space to help you step into your confidence. 

Light & Easy Lunch Guide eBook + Recipes

Rev up your midlife metabolism, boost your energy, and feel lighter all day long with this $147-value gift from Sarah Haas, Women's Weight Release & Body Love Coach! By having a fresh, nourishing lunch on hand every day, you can avoid the pitfalls of drive-thru meals. This guide is packed with simple, do-able meal planning how-to's, tips, and quick, ridiculously delicious recipes. You'll also receive the exact, 3-step formula to guide your food choices so you’ll know exactly what to put on your plate.

Museum Admission Tickets

This one is for South Floridians! Two tickets for admission to the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, FL! (limited quantity available)

IMAX Theater Tickets

This one is for South Floridians! Two tickets for admission to the AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater in Fort Lauderdale, FL! (limited quantity available)

Subscription to Scott Stabile's Substack Community

Scott is one of Lisa's favorite Joy School guest teachers and he shares his beautiful musings on self-love and more at his Substack community. (limited availability!)  

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