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Welcome to the JOY KIT for Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness

Here's where you'll find links to audio files I've recorded for you and gathered for you,
as well as links to many of the wonderful friends and teachers I mention in the book. Enjoy!

Links to resources mentioned in Free Your Joy:

First, here are the links I mentioned throughout Free Your Joy that are not specific to my friends and teachers, who are listed (in alphabetical order) below. Enjoy!

My favorite Kirtan Kriya selection from YouTube.

Lynda's Light Language Meditation.

A guided meditation I love.

Mudita meditation from Free Your Joy, page 208.


Book of Your Life meditation from page 246.


You on Your Boat meditation from page 289.


Suggestion for Sonya's technique described on page 235.

Another (shorter) suggestion for Sonya's technique described on page 235. 

David Ault

David teaches, coaches and creates from the deepest capacity of love. His singular intention has always been in bridging our collective forgetfulness into our great collective reawakening. As an award winning author and global humanitarian, David abides by the motto that people would rather “see the lesson than hear one.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and CEO of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational community comprised of thousands of local members and global live streamers. Highly regarded for his teachings on the science of inner transformation, he has written many bestselling books and appeared on screens and stages around the world spreading his message of love and awakened awareness. 

Paul Boynton

Paul Boynton is a mentor and author of several books including 10th Anniversary Edition of Begin with Yes and Remember: A Little Book of Courage, Comfort, and Hope.

Lisa Campion

Lisa trains psychics, healers and empaths to fully step into their gifts since she thinks the world needs all the healers it can get! She has written several books about psychic development. 

Barbara Carrellas

Barbara is the founder of Urban Tantra®, an approach to conscious sexuality that adapts and blends a wide variety of sacred sexuality practices. She is the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century—now in its second edition, Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide to Sex, Relationships and Oh So Much More, and Luxurious Loving. Her books, workshops, and lectures are an eclectic mix of sexual and spiritual practices designed to encourage readers and participants of all genders and sexual orientations to expand their capacity for both pleasure and spiritual fulfillment.

Curtis Childs

As Chief Visionary Officer at the Swedenborg Foundation, Curtis Childs provides clear, actionable ways for spiritual concepts to impact your daily life. Through video, books, and community, his team at the Swedenborg Foundation makes timeless wisdom accessible to a modern audience.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, MD is a world-renown pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation. He is a New York Times Bestselling author who has written over 90 books. TIME Magazine has named him "one of their top 100 most influential people." 

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen, M.A., is the author of 31 popular inspirational books, including the bestselling A Course in Miracles Made Easy, the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

His work has been featured on CNN, Oprah.com, USA Today, The Washington Post, and Huffpost. He is included in the book, 101 Top Experts Who Make Our Lives Better. He is a featured presenter in the award-winning documentary Finding Joe, celebrating the teaching of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

David Cronin

David shares his insights and experiences on this sacred journey of life through his writings and photographs. He also likes to document his adventures as ‘Gramps’ to two adorable grandchildren. While retired, he occasionally gives lectures on spiritual growth and teaches compassion meditation classes.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a researcher, author, and chiropractor with a specialization in neuroscience. He has spoken on the functions of the human brain across six continents and twenty-seven nations. He is a New York Times bestselling author who has written many books centered on meditation and self-transformation.

Karen Drucker

Music to calm your soul, heal your heart and inspire you to be all of who you can be. I offer my women's retreats, inspirational talks, and musical concerts all around the country and my music can be found on Spotify and Pandora and all the different places to hear music!

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer was a self-help pioneer who inspired millions with his books and lectures on personal growth and spirituality. 

Dr. Steven Farmer

Combining psychotherapy and shamanic healing, Dr. Steven Farmer brings years of extensive training and study into his practice. An expert on a broad range of therapeutic techniques, he offers clients a unique and powerful synthesis of psychotherapy, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Tapping, and oracle card readings. This multi-modality structure allows Dr. Farmer to offer highly individualized and personalized therapeutic programs for his clients.

Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford is a gifted writer and the author of twelve books including the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction and her debut novel, The Love Thief. She has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love.” She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. 

Debbie Ford

Debbie Ford was a #1 New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential, particularly as applied to the application of shadow work. 

Kayse Gehret

Kayse Gehret is a nature-based healing artist, author and founder based in Northern California. With nearly three decades of experience in the healing arts, Kayse leads Microdosing for Healing - a nationwide virtual community around earth medicine practice - as well as the Best Practices Healing Community Mastermind - a global collective of diverse healing artists & health professionals brought together for learning, strategy, growth, collaboration and visioning new healing models for the future.

Ian Haycroft

The most profound healing in our lives occurs when we experience who we really are. The Awareness from which we all arise is the center of peace and profound stability in our lives. I work with people individually and in group situations to access the conscious and unconscious blocks that may be hindering their "view" and their experience of who they are, and the consequent dis-ease that follows. I use the muscle testing techniques of kinesiology to help in this discovery.


Abraham/Hicks teachings provided the original source material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world, and it is the 21st Century inspiration for thousands of books, films, essays, and lectures that are responsible for the current paradigm shift in consciousness.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed psychic medium, changemaker, transformational thought leader, and spiritual biz mentor. She is the author of twenty-two books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm. Through her courses, private sessions, and live events, Sunny has grown and cultivated a diverse global community. Whether in person or online, her strong mentorship encourages thousands of students to connect with their heart and the core of their being and guides them to experience life in a higher vibrational, multi-dimensional way.

Beth Lefevre

My highest purpose is to inspire people to discover their passion and purpose and to increase abundance and life's possibilities. I am a guide to illuminate your path to higher consciousness for you to experience more joy, more lightness, and more connection with others.

Marianne Lewis

Marianne Lewis is Director of Music and Arts, Agape Spiritual Center, and Director of Agape International and Global Choir. She is a producer, creator, and director of inspirational music and messaging aimed to assist in the upliftment of the truth/love vibration on the planet.

S.C Lourie

Samantha Lourie has been running journaling workshops and online self-love/self-care courses since 2015, particularly her Soul Reset Courses which are currently held three times a year. She has always been curious about the complexities of the human condition, and she uses her work to facilitate emotional integration and wholesome self-exploration, developing an approach that seeks to make the difficult areas of life like grief, loss and stress more approachable and manageable. She has a sizeable social media readership/following under her business, Butterflies and Pebbles and describes herself as a “free-spirit poet/writer mama.”

Robert Mack

As a Depth Positive Psychologist & author, I help individuals, couples, and organizations achieve an energizing balance of authentic personal happiness and effortless professional success, based on ivy-league science and timeless, transcendental wisdom.

Summer McStravick

Welcome to the world of Flowdreaming, where your dreams and desires become tangible realities! With Flowdreaming, you're empowered to effortlessly align with the natural currents of the universe and create the life you've always envisioned. Through our transformative techniques and heartfelt guidance, we unveil the secrets of manifesting abundance, love, and success. Immerse yourself in our enchanting collection of guided audios, workshops, and personalized coaching programs including both private 1:1 coaching as well as M.E. School, our live transformational experience that helps you to finally level up and go big! Discover the art of co-creating with the universe, unleashing your innate power to attract and manifest your deepest desires. Your extraordinary life starts here.

Chris Niebauer, Ph.D.

Chris is the author of No Self No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up to Buddhism. His work uses Neuroscience to show how the thinking mind causes suffering. The thinking mind creates the idea of who we think we are in addition to most of the problems we think we have.

Jacob Nordby

Jacob Nordby is the author of The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening, Blessed Are the Weird: A Manifesto for Creatives, and The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life. He worked for traditional publishing for almost a decade and owns an indie publishing house, Manifesto Creatives. 

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Thomas is an award-winning author and creative guide. His storytelling is imbued with magic realism, and he delights in creating works that resist definition. He also has a knack for teaching people how to access the realm of creativity.


Lynda Samphire

Lynda has worked in the healing arts for over 15 years as a transformational coach and intuitive healer. Most of her life she has lived in wonder and curiosity of the mystical, energy patterns, and the power of human potential. Her own deep exploration within brought a deep connection and remembering to self forward. She now shares her journey for others to achieve the same through her expanded consciousness program, based on expansion and opening of the heart center.



Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK) is an artist, speaker, and teacher, as well as an author of 18 bestselling books that have sold millions of copies. For 40 years, she has been sharing her art, words, and insights to uplift, transform and inspire.

Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira is an English spiritual teacher, philosopher, and proponent of the Direct Path who has written many books based in his understanding that: "The greatest discovery in life is that our essential nature does not share the limits or the destiny of the body and the mind."


Scott Stabile

Breathwork guide, workshop leader, and author of Enough as You Are, Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide Open Heart, and Just Love. Find him on Substack!


Victoria Shaw, PhD, NCC

Victoria Shaw, PhD, LPC is an Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Coach who combines her ivy league training in psychology and counseling with generous intuitive guidance to support others in aligning with their best and brightest selves. Author of four books and the host of Intuitive Connection podcast.


Eldon Taylor & InnerTalk

InnerTalk offers a diverse range of transformative products designed to empower and enhance personal growth. Through cutting-edge patented technology, InnerTalk provides audio and video programs that harness the power of subliminal messages and positive affirmations. Their collection includes self-help programs, guided meditations, motivational recordings, and mind-training audios, all meticulously crafted to reprogram the subconscious mind, boost confidence, improve relationships, overcome challenges, and unlock untapped potential. Whether you seek to achieve success, improve health, increase happiness, or find inner peace, InnerTalk's products provide a gateway to personal transformation and a path towards a more fulfilling and empowered life.


Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and visionary spiritual teachers in the world today. With his international bestsellers, The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into 52 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”, and in 2011, Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world”.

Eckhart’s profound, yet simple teachings have helped countless people around the globe experience a state of vibrantly alive inner peace in their daily lives. His teachings focus on the significance and power of Presence, the awakened state of consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking. Eckhart sees this awakening as the essential next step in human evolution.


Amber Trueblood

I coach and serve overwhelmed moms. Using compassionate communication, magical mindfulness and true practical self-care strategies, I guide women from flustered to flourishing


Andrea and Lee Vallely

These Shift Happens Global founders facilitate deep dives to amazing places already within, filled with joy, love, acceptance, non-judgement and understanding. Coaching, retreats, team retreats, online courses for teens and humans seeking less mental contamination and more happiness.


Ailís Walker

Spirit Embodied. Akashic Readings, Tarot Readings, Elevated Conversation.

Doe Zantamata

Rethinking topics we've all known, or thought we've known, for much of our lives. Karma, intuition, forgiveness, and trust are just a few of the 12. Knowing their true meanings and applications can truly bring happiness in our lives.


Music download from recording artist Mary Bue

Singer/songwriter, retreat leader, and Nada yogi Mary Bue is widely beloved for her inspiring songs of transformation and growth. She generously shares this download of her award-winning music with readers of Free Your Joy.

Swedenborg Foundation eBook

This eBook encapsulates Emanuel Swedenborg's most profound spiritual insights. The wisdom woven into its pages carries the potential to initiate personal transformation and to offer a deeper understanding of our current existence as well as the life beyond. May your journey through its content be enlightening and enjoyable! ($24.95 value)

Chapter from Robert Mack’s Happiness from the Inside Out

Ivy-league trained Positive Psychology Expert and Celebrity Coach Robert Mack has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, and OWN. He is Lisa's favorite longtime teaching partner, and is offering a powerful chapter from his most popular book. To claim this beautiful gift, send an email with the subject line “FREE YOUR JOY offer” to happinessfromtheinsideout@gmail.com

Atomic Happiness Toolkit

A collection of happiness tools ($97 value!) from Andi and Lee Vallely of Shift Happens Global, including: 21-Day Journal with Morning and Evening Daily Happiness Habits, SOMA Breathwork Guided Meditation Instructional Videos guiding you through exactly how to get the most out of the meditation, and the Journal Award Winning eBook: Daily Happiness: A Dozen Sweet Tales of Joy, Courage and Inspiration, plus the mini-seminar, Atomic Happiness. 

Essay Collection from Award-Winning Author Thomas Lloyd Qualls

A Special Preview Edition of the essay collection Happiness Is an Imaginary Line in the Sand. You’ll get 11 hand-selected essays, including some of Lisa's personal favorites. Happiness Is an Imaginary Line in the Sand earned a Gold Nautilus Award.

To claim this gift, send an email with the subject line “FREE YOUR JOY offer” to tq@tlqonline.com

5-Piece Divine Reset™ Gift Set

A gift basket of valuable tools ($147 value!) from Lisa Hromada, Empowered Lifeview™ Guide & Life Transformation Mentor! Are you ready to unlock the power of spiritual surrender? In your Divine Reset™ gift set, you’ll gain valuable insights and powerful practices to transcend any challenge with greater ease, grace, and flow (and results!) You'll discover how to live with the greatest level of peace, trust, and divine alignment no matter your circumstances. Download your gift set today! 

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