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“Happy people don’t just happen. They often struggle, suffer, and experience loss and defeat before finding authentic joy. With the right guidance and direction, however, they find their way out of the darkness and despair and back into the light. Then they can become a living, loving light for others who have lost their way. For millions of people across the world, Lisa McCourt is that light, and this book is that way. Weaving together personal anecdotes with insights from trusted guides and teachers, Free Your Joy provides a practical, step-by-step plan for removing any and all obstacles in your path. Pick up your personal copy of Free Your Joy, rediscover your innate wellbeing, and begin living the life you desire and deserve today!”

Robert Mack

Positive Psychology Expert, Celebrity Happiness Coach, and author of Happiness From the Inside Out

“Lisa is a sparkling example of what she teaches. She excels at the art of being ‘happy for no reason.’ Ride her joyful wave to experiencing self-love, authenticity, and fulfillment.”

Marci Shimoff

New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

“Lisa McCourt’s newest instruction manual for living a life of joy is simply incredible. It is so rich with meaningful content and actionable steps! The depth of work presented here is clearly going to change lives, mine included. Lisa’s wisdom is so heartfelt and accessible as she takes readers into a very deep dive into living what I could only imagine was God’s ultimate plan for human beings. I know it was a labor of love that must have cost her on many levels, and I’m so grateful for her dedication to elevating love and joy in the world!”

Paul Boynton

Bestselling author of Begin with Yes

” . . . I never thought I would connect the dots like Lisa’s words have guided me to do. I never thought I would ever read about one’s vibration described in such a loving and integrative manner. But I’m now ready for joy to come alive for me in a new way. If you have picked this book up, then I imagine you are ready for that too.”

S.C. Lourie

The Power of Mess

“A fun and practical training generously sprinkled with brushstrokes of genius. You will never view yourself—or the world—the same way again.”

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Author of Invoking the Archangels—A 9-Step Process to Healing Your Mind, Body and Soul and many other books

“I’ve always wanted to spend time with those people who knew secret things. With Lisa McCourt, you get an opportunity to do just that. Plop down, sit up straight, and listen attentively to a woman who knows more than a few secrets for living a life of unbridled passion and radical honesty. If you’ve ever lifted the curtain of your heart and found the scenery was falling apart, you’ll find Lisa’s training to be just the psychological, emotional, and spiritual renovation you need. She’ll lead you to fall deeply in love with your own intrinsically wonderful self. In a world populated with billions of people, billions of different journeys, and billions of doors to enlightenment, Lisa McCourt reminds us – with tenderness, love, honesty, and hilarity – that the only real journey is the one within.”

Robert Mack

Author of Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment

Free Your Joy has a clear message; Joy is our natural state. This book is like a complete workshop that clearly explains how to remove all the clouds that stand between you and the sun of your natural state. However, it isn’t just philosophy, the book is filled from beginning to end with exercises because, as Lisa puts it, learning Joy is a path of doing. What stands out the most is the kindness on each page, as the author is so genuine and understanding as a guide. It would be impossible not to change your energy and get closer to who you truly are after reading this.

Chris Neibauer

Author of No Self No Problem: How Neurobiology Is Catching Up to Buddhism

“We live in an age of ennui and frustrated lives. People with more powerful tools and knowledge than ever before in history somehow end up creeping along in life’s slow lane on two cylinders. Then comes Lisa McCourt. Ms. McCourt is that sunshine presence who invites us into the shadow of ourselves. With the skill of a therapist, she offers exercises which open doors into long-denied closets.”

Jacob Nordby

Author of The Divine Arsonist, Blessed are the Weird, and The Creative Cure

“Whether you opt for the online or in-person trainings, Lisa McCourt creates magic in your life. Get ready to be energized with positivity and make real connections with like-minded friends. The work will take you deep inside your soul, allow you to clear away the clutter, and ultimately see the world with a fresh new perspective. Lisa’s coaching incorporates the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and many others. I discovered my inner bliss and feel rejuvenated. Well worth the tiny investment, and this could not have come to me at a better time!”

Shari A Hembree

Author of Journey of the Lightworker – www.shariahembree.com

“Working with Lisa is like drinking coffee with your best friend—who has just cracked the code to living a life of joy—and is sharing her discovery with you bit by juicy bit. It’s an individual call to action that illustrates how only through extraordinary self-knowledge and self-love can we create a more loving collective reality. Take a journey into the self; witness and lay claim to the spectacular scenery contained therein, and emerge on the other side with a passion for and commitment to living a life based on radical authenticity, deep self-love and blissful co-creation. When we recognize the stamp of love on all that is contained within our physical world, we see the signature of the Divine. We feel the true essence of ourselves and one another, and we hear a life of juicy joy knocking at our door.”

Holly Valley

“I have been working with Lisa for about 6 months both privately and in the joy training groups. In such a short period of time she has gotten deep inside my protective shell and cracked it wide open. Our private sessions together are truly a wonderment. Lisa is able to get deep into me; past the intellect, deeper than the emotions. I’m not sure of the why or the how of it, but I can see it manifest in my day to day. I have always been incessantly hard on myself. Now I am finding room for compassion and forgiveness. I am able to feel pride for my accomplishments. I notice I’m beating up on myself so much less. Lisa has given me tools to take control of the negative inner voice that has never done me any good. As I learn to apply these tools, a world of infinite possibilities opens up before me. At the end of each session Lisa checks in on how I’m doing. Each and every time I’m stunned to realize how happy I am. The tension is gone, I’m joyous. giddy, unencumbered. I can’t stop smiling!”

Fabrizio Baeli

“Where to start? There can’t possibly be enough space available to tell you about my experience with Lisa. Having studied ‘woo woo’ for the past six years, doing affirmations, projecting positive thoughts until it hurt and never quite achieving the results I had hoped for, I became frustrated and to be honest – a bit angry at the Universe.  I finally broke and instead of my daily affirmations, I railed at God/Universe and I begged for guidance in how to manifest my desires. I have to tell you that nothing has ever changed my life the way Lisa has! Finally . . . the means to deal with negativity, something sorely lacking in all of the self-development books I had studied over the years. It was as though a dear friend had looked into my mind, my heart, my soul and knew exactly what I needed to finally manifest my dreams.”

Gia Reed

Editor of Evolution Ezine

“Bursting with truth, guts, and sage wisdom! Lisa McCourt will challenge you, cheer for you, and hug you!”

Jill Dahne

Nationally syndicated columnist, talk-show favorite, and #1 Love Psychic in Top 100 Psychics in America

“The last few weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride for me. I have been diligently practicing multiple times daily. Shortly after applying Lisa’s exercises, I started having spots where I would find myself crying for no apparent reason. I knew I was not depressed, so it was strange. It felt almost as if I was grieving, but I had not recently experienced anything to cause grief, no loss, etc.  Then I realized I had actually begun dealing with the negative things I had buried deep for so long; they were already beginning to bubble to the surface. The exercises helped me to truly cleanse and deal, accept, and let go and the crying has stopped, replaced with a truly all the way down deep feeling of lightness and real happiness. It is a wonderfully marvelous feeling!”

Michelle Mayer

“I’ve hosted many spiritual superstars and Hay House authors at my center, but Lisa McCourt’s writing workshop was truly something unique. The information was exactly what the attendees were looking for in order to bring their writing goals to the next level, and her exercises brought out some remarkable new material and insights. Her expertise was valuable for all in attendance, some seeking her up-to-the-moment information about the publishing industry, some needing to clarify what their most authentic writing voice was, and others just eager to go within and journey through her therapeutic exercises to achieve self-healing. The attendees had nothing but good things to say about the event, and we look forward to bringing her up from Florida to teach at the center again.”

Karen Paolino

Owner of Heaven on Earth Center, Pembroke, MA

“I recently attended Lisa McCourt’s workshop, and I must say, it was honestly the best workshop that I ever attended. First, she presented fascinating information. Seriously. But, even more importantly, she drew on our personal experiences with exercises and an interactive format, making this so rewarding and memorable. And, Lisa just has a way of connecting with the audience … her energy, her smile, her passion about the subject … I was blown away. It was completely inspiring and really made me enthusiastic about what’s next in life. Cannot thank her enough! So excited!”

Jennifer Thornton

Self-Talk Coach

“Lisa McCourt lovingly leads us on a journey to create a satisfying life, full of joy and love. Lisa gently identifies the blocks that keep us from finding our joy and shows us that by taking the small actionable steps she lays out, we can change our path.”

Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Author of Nice Girls Can Finish First and How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways

“Lisa McCourt is such a generous and loving spirit, and I felt as though I connected with her on a deeper level because she revealed her own struggles, which made her very relatable . . . Extremely useful and highly impactful tips and exercises.”

Erin Cox

Author of One Hot Mama

“I was in a bit of a slump and trying to transition to a new place. This was just what I needed. I attended a conference sponsored by Lisa, and without exaggeration my life started to become better. I recognized the joy in my life, focused on what I wanted, and as the months went on my head was clearer, my life more organized and my relationships all the better. Yes, it did happen, and I believe that Lisa McCourt had a great deal to do with the transition.”

Lisa Schwartz

“Lisa McCourt lives her words. She truly lives her life to the fullest and that’s why she is able to reach out and draw us into a place where we can see our own lives with new, re-opened eyes. Lisa’s classes are a powerful extension of her writing where she helps us to gain an honest and holistic awareness about ourselves while guiding us to create the glorious, gutsy life that we came here to create.”

Deborah Paiva

Jazz Vocalist and Life Coach

“Lisa McCourt has a gracious, lively, fun and captivating energy. You could enjoy anything that she has to offer because of the way she presents herself and whatever she has to share. She has done her homework in the spiritual field studying with many well-known teachers. Her spirit, her genuine heart and her form of expression is well enjoyed! She is someone who you would like to meet again and again.”

MaryRose Villanova

Feng Shui Love Goddess

“Lisa is an A-list writer of books about love for little people and big people, a teacher of many things, and superstar host of Joy School. If you are frustrated by how many times a day you seem to bang your head into walls and are interested in a peek behind the Universe’s curtain to see how some things really work, Lisa is your gal.”

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Multiple-award-winning author of Painted Oxen

“What a powerfully transformative center of light Joy School is! Having served and spoken on numerous stages and podcasts over the years, I have found that my times serving Lisa’s tribe and programs were truly ‘next level’ affairs. Lisa makes being a guest speaker incredibly easy on the soul!

Kevin Lee

International Bestselling Author and Spiritual Coach

“Lisa’s joy training group provides the support and guidance I need during these uncertain, turbulent times. It’s a good reminder that I don’t need to know the outcome of future events to be OK right now. But that doesn’t mean the future is entirely out of my hands. Lisa’s insight helped me better recognize what drives me so that I can more purposely guide my life toward my hopes and dreams for tomorrow.”

Carol Killman Rosenberg

“I am blessed to be a part of this experience. I got an incredible gift to look at myself, stretch a little in my ability to be vulnerable, and learn some amazing tools to grow. It was perfect timing for the things going on in my life. It was also incredible to connect with people and see myself reflected through them and dig a little deeper into my heart. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering!”

Leah Ivester

“I always hated all this stuff. Guys like me would never read books or take courses like this. I’d take one look and think you were just another one of those spacey New Age idiots. But you’re not. You’re so rock solid. Everything I throw at you—you know how to make me see it differently. What you do here is honestly impressive. I’m blown away.”

Butch Baeli

“I highly recommend that anyone that can sign up for this awesome experience. I just finished 8 weeks with Rob and Lisa and a group of other individuals, and have signed up for this next adventure with them. The love that is shared so freely from both Rob and Lisa and the awesome coaching and knowledge was beyond fantastic! They both shared personal experiences from their heart to assist us all in becoming more conscious of our own true souls and selves. I looked so forward to those days together, that I am missing them and the other beautiful souls in the group. I am excited to be joining back in with them and with you that are blessed enough to join in this experience!”

Nan Ford

Selfishly, I love the online joy training because I can’t be in Florida in person. But I would love to be there in person. Lisa, you are an amazing coach, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that you are providing, online and in person, for all of us to raise our consciousness and live a better life. Thank you!”

Gayla Foscue

“Lisa is a bridge builder. Give yourself a treat and walk on across this pleasurable bridge with her! She knows where she’s taking you. It’s into a new territory where life is clearer, sweeter, more real, and much more powerful than the place where our mass culture wants us to be.”

Tej Steiner

Author of Heart Circles

“Lisa McCourt exudes a kind of honesty and energy that can only be seen in folks who are truly at ease in their own skin. She is a rare talent who possesses a deep and abiding desire to share her experience and talents with those around her.”

Maureen Hourihan

Author and Playwright

“If you want to be more vibrant, fun and juicy while committed to your personal growth, Lisa shows you how.”

Rachael Jayne Groover

Author of Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want. Founder of The YIN Project

“You will feel as though a dear friend has looked into your mind, heart, and soul and given you the keys to the kingdom! Whether you have been studying ‘woo-woo’ (as Lisa calls it) valiantly for years, can meditate your socks off and outline the Law of Attraction in detail to anyone who will listen, or you are a newbie to self-enlightenment and personal energy, this work will become your Holy Grail! Yes, yes, we all know that sending out negative energy brings back — you guessed it — negative energy! So what do we do with negative thoughts and feelings then? Lisa helps you to realize that these emotions are part of us, an important part, and she gives you the means to deal with them effectively. You will deconstruct and then reconstruct your life. You will be filled with the self-knowledge and self-love needed to create the wonderfully authentic life you deserve. Lisa will take your hand and guide you as you travel to those dark recesses of your mind and shine the light of forgiveness and acceptance where you need it most. It’s not an easy journey, but the rewards are miraculous! Let’s face it, the reality is that if our lives are not what we want them to be, ultimately, it’s because we don’t really feel like we deserve it. We don’t love ourselves enough, imperfect as we are, to receive the wonderful miracles that are waiting for us. Lisa helps us to sweep up the dirt, clear the cobwebs and get the renovation started! Lisa states, ‘Once you’ve brought the truest you out into the light, you’ll learn to fall so madly in love with that glorious creature that you will never feel the need to hide it again. You’ll feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin. And from that vantage point in the words of Franz Kafka, ‘the world will freely offer itself to you. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet’.”

Ms. Bliss

Reviewer at When Pen Met Paper

“Lisa McCourt delivers just what the world needs, a great big juicy dose of love and authenticity. You’ll learn the simple, essential steps you need to take to transform your world in the here and now. If you want a life of peace, purpose, and breathtaking bliss, then listen to Lisa.”

Debra Snyder

Author of Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart

“Thank you, Lisa McCourt! Much of what I hadn’t understood about my life is now clear. I dove in and soon found myself held captive by her sincerity and passion throughout the seven steps. The writing and feeling exercises in the first four steps took me deep into experiences that no longer serve me well, while the last three steps created positive initiatives to replace the negatives I dismantled in the first four steps. McCourt’s life of studying and experiencing the human condition has become a reference for how to navigate my life.”

Asia Voight

Author and Animal Communicator

“Lisa McCourt is the real deal, a genuine life pioneer, and her seven steps will empower anyone willing to follow the trail she has blazed. I interviewed her on my radio show and her words are as authentic as she wishes you to be. Don’t settle for less any longer.”

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA

New York Times Best-Selling Author of Choices and Illusions and many other books

“Throughout our lives, we’re faced with challenges to maintaining a positive and joyful outlook on life, and now we finally have a guide to turn to. Lisa McCourt has produced a simple yet profound approach for creating a happy and joyful life no matter what your circumstances. Lisa can change your life!”

Dr. Steven Farmer

Author of Earth Magic and many other books

“Lisa McCourt has developed a brilliant step-by-step system for relocating yourself as the juicy, delicious, vibrant creature you were born to be. Allow these seven steps to launch you into unprecedented heights of self-adoration.”

Regena Thomashauer

Author of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

“Lisa McCourt captures all the values I hold dear and expresses them in a believable, engaging, and exciting way. Honest, from the heart, and inspiring.”

Alan Cohen

Author of Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment and many other books

“Lisa McCourt is a daring and adventurous life pioneer. If you are ready and willing to follow her seven steps, I promise you will be forever (and fabulously) changed.”

Arielle Ford

Author of The Soulmate Secret and Wabi-Sabi Love, and Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate

Praise for Lisa’s Creativity Programs for Kids

“Lisa recently taught the Young Authors Workshop for elementary school students at Miami Book Fair International. The students learned a great deal and were delighted with Lisa’s approach and use of props as learning aids. All of the students shared their work in class and received constructive advice. From a programming point of view she was a joy to work with. We are planning to invite her to teach again.” — Lissette Mendez, Program Coordinator, Florida Center for the Literary Arts

“It was by far the best program we’ve ever had at our school. The interaction with the kids was great, and they all want to be authors and illustrators now! Thank you so much for giving the students, the parents, and the staff such a truly memorable day!”  — E. Foster, Special Events Coordinator, Sacred Heart Academy

“My students’ enthusiasm for doing creative work has increased tenfold since your visit. I would recommend your delightful program to anyone!” — C. Rose, Teacher, West Ridge Elementary

“You handled the kids very well and did an amazing job of holding their attention. They can’t stop talking about the event! You provided a valuable learning experience as well as a valuable message that the kids really needed to hear.” — S. Solomon, Media Specialist, Brook Elementary

“The event uncovered several future writers!” — Don Fitz, Vice Principal, Palm Cove Elementary

“Lisa really understands and delivers what kids want.” — Mary Matalin, CBS Talk Radio

“Something parents and kids will enjoy!” — Scott Leon, Executive Producer, CNN Entertainment News

“In Lisa McCourt’s world, the kids are the heroes and the world is full of choices.” — The Herald

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