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Want to become a conscious creator in a mostly unconscious world?

“I never suspected that I would have to learn how to live—that there were specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world I had to master before I could awaken to a simple, happy, uncomplicated life.” -- Dan Millman

Are you ready to step into the most easeful, peaceful, joyful chapter of your life?

As we embark on this 3-month journey together, I’ll help you zero in on the specific, unique-to-you obstacles that are standing between you and the bliss you’re here to experience, and I’ll customize for you a program of simple, wildly effective practices that you can begin implementing right away.

We’ll meet online in my cozy Zoom room, one-on-one, for three months, and you’ll also have opportunities to learn and grow in online group sessions with a loving community of like-hearted joy creators.

You’ll learn time-tested spiritual principles now backed by contemporary scientific findings, with opportunities to learn from Chris Niebauer, Ph.D. about how neuropsychology is confirming ancient practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. You’ll meet with me and Chris in intimate online sessions where we’ll help you apply these principles to your unique challenges and opportunities.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by life right now, please know you’re far from alone in that.

When you were very young, you learned some strategies for coping with overwhelm. These programs were installed in you before you had the emotional maturity and self-understanding you have now. But because these programs were embedded in you when you were still forming the framework of beliefs from which you’d go on to create your life, they became your default setting for how you operate and show up in the world. It happens for all of us, and we all run these same subconscious programs again and again throughout our journey. They become "the water we swim in."

The programs are not our enemy; throughout our lives they’ve helped to stabilize and protect us. Our tender human systems do need regulation, and they’ve provided that service, so we can be grateful for that. In most cases, however, these subconscious programs that create our knee-jerk reactivity to the stimulus around us are NOT serving our joy and our highest expression of who we came here to be.

They are the obstacles preventing us from having what we want, and preventing us from living the high-consciousness, self-aware, self-actualized lives we’re designed for. They’re just programs on repeat, so they’re going to continue to create the same or similar results, and many of us are now waking up to the desire for creating different, improved results. To do that, we simply need to un-install these old programs and install better ones. It’s what we’ll do together over this three-month period.

No matter what your current circumstances, please trust that there is a reason you feel drawn to explore this powerful work. Trust that something meaningful and beautiful will come out of your bravery. (It will!) And don't forget that all the individual healing work you do ripples out to others, uplifting your family, your community, and ultimately our whole, precious, love-starved planet.

In YOUR JOY, YOUR WAY, we will:

  • Uncover the hidden patterns you’ve been running – both historically, and across the various areas of your life.
  • Identify the blind spots in your default tendencies so that we can get you out of the repeat cycle.
  • Become aware of your plateau rhythms to get underneath the reasons for your setbacks in getting where you want to be.
  • Gain clarity around which areas you're most wanting to shift, whether money, relationship, career fulfillment, spiritual growth, or something else.
  • Resolve issues with family/friends/partners by uncovering the truth of the programing that’s running beneath each of these relationships.
  • Identify clear, soul-level desires for your “external landscape” -- partnership, career, health, family, home, abundance, etc. --  so we can shift your “internal landscape” for conscious creation.

This 3-month intensive is right for you if:

  • You acknowledge the possibility that you are capable of creating a consistent life of joy and meaning. (The #1 reason most people don’t live such a life is they don't believe it's possible.)
  • You are willing to look honestly and piercingly at your unconscious habits of creation (how you’ve unconsciously created whatever "unwanted circumstances" are now showing up in your life.)
  • You're glimpsing the fact that you’ve been creating unconsciously and are ready to change some long-held habits in order to become a conscious creator in a mostly unconscious world.
  • You recognize the need for more joy and love in the world and are ready to take responsibility for your role in creating it, both for yourself and others.
  • You value a customized approach to personal growth as opposed to a cookie-cutter model that may or may not work for your particular situation.

Registration for the YOUR JOY, YOUR WAY 3-month intensive is currently open!

Limited spots are available for Your Joy, Your Way at the nominal investment of just $888, and you can read dozens of glowing testimonials here

This 12-week adventure begins on March 5th, 2024 and runs through June 5th. I'm happy to hop on a call with you to explore whether or not Your Joy, Your Way is the best fit for your needs at this time. You can set that up with me here if you like.

The earliest registrants will receive the BONUS GIFT of tuition and meals at a live, in-person retreat in South Florida later this year! (More details below.)


Lisa McCourt
I’ll be personally leading you in this exhilarating 3-month adventure of releasing everything you’re not, to reveal the joyful miracle you are. I can’t begin to describe what a passion and calling this work is for me. I’m the Founder of Joy School, host of the Do Joy! podcast, and author of Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness and many other books about joy and love that have sold over 9 million copies in the decades that I’ve been devoted to this business of generating more love and joy in the world. You can see my full bio here.

Chris Niebauer, Ph.D.
Chris Niebauer earned his Ph.D. in cognitive neuropsychology, specializing in the differences between the left and right sides of the human brain and how this knowledge can be practically applied. He is the author of the bestselling book No Self, No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up to Buddhism and the workbook that followed it. A professor for 22 years who taught courses on consciousness, mindfulness, left- and right-brain differences, and artificial intelligence, he now maintains a popular YouTube channel and shares his wisdom on many podcasts, including “Buddha at the Gas Pump” and “The Chopra Well” with Deepak Chopra.

Watch Chris describe the magic that occurs at Joy School events in the video below, which he made after a live retreat we recently taught together.

Your 3-month journey will consist of:

6 Online Private Sessions with Lisa

You and me, in my cozy Zoom room, at a time that works for your schedule, for six penetrating sessions over the course of the intensive. I schedule these private sessions for one hour, but I always leave an extra 30 minutes in my schedule because I’ve found that often a bit more time is needed to complete the integration piece we’re working on. If your schedule only allows for an hour, we’ll wrap up by then, but if some extra time is needed, I’ve got you covered.

12 Online Group Sessions with Lisa

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in 12 live, online group sessions where you’ll meet like-minded friends and learn all the foundational principles and lifechanging practices that I’ve taught in my proven-effective joy trainings for decades. Guest teachers will share additional valuable concepts. During the intensive, you'll meet Dr. Steven Farmer, world-renown psychotherapist-shaman and bestselling author, as well as Lisa Campion, bestselling author who will teach you how to strengthen your intuition . . . and a few more surprises.

These group sessions are scheduled at various times and on various days to accommodate different work schedules and time zones, but even if you can only make a few of these sessions, you’ll be amazed at how much clarity and inspiration they provide. This consistent genuine connection with fellow humans ensures you stay aligned with the most wise, authentic, and effective part of you. Returning to the energy of the group on a regular basis entrains members to a high-vibration frequency that plays out in ever-unfolding ways as we all spiral together into greater levels of consciousness and joy. 

Each participant has the opportunity to do powerful, ongoing personal work within the group. How much you actively participate is always up to you, and you’ll never be pressured to do more than you’re ready to do. That said, you may be surprised at your willingness to be vulnerable when you see the remarkable, life-changing results your fellow Joy Schoolers are generating. It’s important to note that there is a strong “shared benefits” effect that takes place. Often, participants will report that some of their biggest a-ha moments and breakthroughs occur while witnessing and holding space for another participant’s work.

To reap the tremendous benefit of the extra coaching and attention these sessions offer, you’ll need to join us in real time, but if you can't be there, no worries, because the teaching portion of each of these classes will be recorded and shared with you afterwards. (For privacy purposes, I don’t record the parts where participants are doing their own processing and integration work.)

3 Online Sessions with Chris and Lisa

Once per month for the 3 months of the intensive, you’ll bring your specific challenges and questions to an intimate online session where Chris and I will pinpoint the blockages, uncover the blind spots, and show you the specific left-brain abstractions that have been keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated.

These three sessions -- scheduled according to your calendar needs -- will show you how understanding your mind and how it works is the most efficient method for replacing the long-standing patterns of thought and behavior that have been keeping your joy just out of reach.

Your Personalized Practice Program

Only you know how much time you can realistically allot to your joy-elevation routine. You know what types of practices and rituals have worked for you in the past, and which types you’re most reluctant to incorporate.

That’s why I’ve learned that a customized program is the most effective way I can support you in realizing your joyful potential. We’ll talk about your history with adapting new routines and rituals into your schedule, and from a place of complete non-judgement, compassion, and realistic expectation, I’ll create a plan for you that fits your schedule, your needs, your unique and precious journey.

Total of 21 Online Sessions

In addition to your six private sessions with me, and three sessions with me and Chris, you'll have the opportunity to gather live, online, four times per month (12 total!), for joyful and impactful meetings where I, along with superstar guest teachers, guide you in the concepts, modalities, and practices that we’re exploring together that month.

These groups sessions include live exercises and integration demonstrations with ample time for questions, personalization of the material, and individual spot-coaching.

Since we all have busy lives, we know you may not be able to make every pre-scheduled group session, and that is more than okay! The teaching portion of each of these sessions will be recorded and shared with you. 

For this intensive, our 12 pre-scheduled group gatherings will take place: 

* every first Monday of each month from 7:00pm - 8:30pm ET

* every second Wednesday of each month from 12:00pmET - 1:00pmET

* every third Wednesday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30pmET

* every fourth Wednesday of each month from 12pmET - 1:00pmET

Bonus Gift: Live, In-Person Retreat in South Florida! (while spots last)

Not everyone will receive this bonus, but if you’re among the first to enroll in this powerful intensive, you’ll additionally be gifted tuition and meals at a live 3-day retreat in beautiful South Florida later this year. (See below for some testimonials of recent retreaters.)

Designed to meet you where you are and move you forward!

YOUR JOY, YOUR WAY is designed specifically for you, right now, wherever you are in your journey, to create your optimal growth experience.

Whether you’ve never looked into coaching or personal development before, or you’re a seasoned self-dev junkie, we will together create a personalized path for your next level of expansion, freedom, and self-awareness.

An explanation of how healing happens at Joy School events, from Lisa's teaching partner Chris Niebauer, Ph.D.

What They’re Saying

“I have been working with Lisa for about 6 months both privately and in the joy training groups. In such a short period of time she has gotten deep inside my protective shell and cracked it wide open. Our private sessions together are truly a wonderment. Lisa is able to get deep into me; past the intellect, deeper than the emotions. I’m not sure of the why or the how of it, but I can see it manifest in my day to day. I have always been incessantly hard on myself. Now I am finding room for compassion and forgiveness. I am able to feel pride for my accomplishments. I notice I’m beating up on myself so much less. Lisa has given me tools to take control of the negative inner voice that has never done me any good. As I learn to apply these tools, a world of infinite possibilities opens up before me. At the end of each session Lisa checks in on how I’m doing. Each and every time I’m stunned to realize how happy I am. The tension is gone, I’m joyous. giddy, unencumbered. I can’t stop smiling!”

Fabrizio Baeli

“Whether you opt for the online or in-person trainings, Lisa McCourt creates magic in your life. Get ready to be energized with positivity and make real connections with like-minded friends. The work will take you deep inside your soul, allow you to clear away the clutter, and ultimately see the world with a fresh new perspective. Lisa’s coaching incorporates the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and many others. I discovered my inner bliss and feel rejuvenated. Well worth the tiny investment, and this could not have come to me at a better time!”

Shari A Hembree
Author of Journey of the Lightworker – www.shariahembree.com

Selfishly, I love the online joy training because I can’t be in Florida in person. But I would love to be there in person. Lisa, you are an amazing coach, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that you are providing, online and in person, for all of us to raise our consciousness and live a better life. Thank you!”

Gayla Foscue

“I am blessed to be a part of this experience. I got an incredible gift to look at myself, stretch a little in my ability to be vulnerable, and learn some amazing tools to grow. It was perfect timing for the things going on in my life. It was also incredible to connect with people and see myself reflected through them and dig a little deeper into my heart. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering!”

Leah Ivester

“Lisa’s joy training group provides the support and guidance I need during these uncertain, turbulent times. It’s a good reminder that I don’t need to know the outcome of future events to be OK right now. But that doesn’t mean the future is entirely out of my hands. Lisa’s insight helped me better recognize what drives me so that I can more purposely guide my life toward my hopes and dreams for tomorrow.”

Carol Killman Rosenberg
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